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3 Tips For Choosing The Right Material For An Aerospace Machined Part

The Aerospace industry has some of the most demanding applications for CNC machined parts. Aerospace parts have to not only be lightweight, but also incredibly strong and resistant to very high temperatures that parts don’t typically experience in other applications. Picking the right material for an aerospace CNC part is incredibly important. Here are three tips to keep in mind when you’re picking the material for your next Aerospace CNC manufacturing project.

1. The Part’s Function will determine the required properties

Whatever your part’s function is will determine the properties required of it, and keeping those in mind is important. Different aerospace applications will require different levels of temperature resistance, strength, material weight, tolerances, and more. 

2. Keep in mind the required properties when researching materials

Materials that are to be manufactured into Aerospace parts almost always have to demonstrate high resistance and strength. They also should be producible in many different forms–meaning they can be machined in multiple ways. And finally, no matter how a stock material is machined, it should always demonstrate consistently high quality. Find a material that will meet these and any other requirements specific to your project.

3. Balance the properties your application needs with your budget

Finally, make sure to balance the properties that your part’s application requires with the budget you’ve set for the project. There are not very many materials that meet all the restrictions of the Aerospace industry, and that are commercially available and affordable. More exotic metals may meet the specifications, but they can also be expensive and difficult to work with. Making sure that you have all of this information included in your initial design and accounted for in your budget is vital to ensuring that the project proceeds smoothly and that you receive the quality Aerospace components that you need.

Looking for a supplier of precision machined aerospace parts?

Small Parts Machining has over seven decades of machining experience. We work with several alternative materials that are excellent for non-flight-critical Aerospace components, such as 6Al4V Ti, 7075 aluminum, and high-performance, polymer-based plastics such as HDPE, ULTEM, and VESPEL, to name a few. To learn more, contact us today!