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Crossing the Finish Line with Small Parts Manufacturing For The Racing Industry

Small Parts Manufacturing has been supplying a range of industries with custom precision machining services since 1946. One industry that we’ve recently used our manufacturing experience to serve is manufacturing for Racing and Offroad vehicles. 

In 2021, we established an ongoing relationship with Fox Racing in El Cajon, CA, making parts for offroad suspension applications. Our decades of experience served them and our other partners in the industry well. We provided them with several rugged, custom parts that were reliable and durable even under intense and critical operating conditions. 

SPM has a range of precision machining capabilities to serve the racing and off-road industry, such as:

  • CNC turning services that deliver tight tolerances of .001” or less for parts up to 8” round and approximately 60 lbs.
  • A wide range of CNC milling services such as drilling, complex milling, and tapping, on parts up to 4 feet long and approximately 100 lbs. 
  • Precision swiss machining services for very small parts, with diameters up to 1”
  • And Wire EDM for small scale and small-batch machining of complex components

We perform a range of production runs as well, in order quantities as low as 10 in our CNC milling and turning departments. 

SPM is known for our consistent quality and outstanding performance in racing manufacturing. Our experienced machinists ensure that our customers’ racing parts perform reliably for many years, and we can even offer design assistance based on seventy years of machining experience. We also maintain one of the largest, most advanced machining facilities in the Pacific Northwest to serve our customers and ensure that their parts are finished and delivered on time and according to production schedules. 

We are a respected source of machining services with plenty of experience in manufacturing a wide range of racing and off-road parts, including but not limited to:

  • Shock components
  • Attachment eyelets
  • Timing pulleys
  • Bearing adjustment tools
  • Steering adapters
  • Yoke spacers
  • Axle components

Generally, we manufacture racing parts from high-strength steels and aluminum alloys, but SPM can work with nearly any metal or plastic that our customers require for their components.

Looking for a manufacturing of parts for the Racing industry?

The Small Parts Manufacturing Company has been providing precision machining services to many industries including the Automotive and Racing industry for several decades. To learn more about what we can do for you, check out our website today!