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Precision CNC Machining for Fluid Control Systems

Small Parts Manufacturing machines a variety of parts for industrial pumps, hydraulic equipment, and fluid control systems.

  • CNC Turning services – for tight tolerance components up to 10 inches in diameter and under 50 lbs.
  • CNC milling services – for a variety of manufacturing processes such as drilling, tapping, and more complex milling operations.

We have decades of precision machining experience for small and medium sized parts in a range of fluid control applications. You’ll enjoy custom, cost-effective solutions, as well as on-time delivery.

When you partner with Small Parts Manufacturing, you can also expect to receive:

Reliable, long-lasting quality

Our facility is equipped with industry-leading machining equipment, run by a team of expert manufacturers whose combined manufacturing experience exceeds two centuries.

Consistency and Repeatability

Whether it’s for small or large batches, Small Parts Manufacturing consistently delivers tight tolerance components

Proven Durability

Parts for fluid control systems need to maintain their tolerance under large amounts of pressure, and in a variety of environments. We manufacture small, precise components for submersible and dry well pumps. Our parts endure even in the harshest environments.


Many of our parts are integrated into hurricane pumps and similar fluid control equipment that needs to be able to displace large volumes of water or other fluids at efficient rates. These water evacuation systems, and the parts that make them up, have to be durable against harsh weather conditions as well as against high pressures and humid, damp environments.

Customized Fluid Control System Parts

SPM makes a number of small to medium sized quality components for fluid control systems and hydraulic pumps, such as:

  • Casings
  • Impellers
  • Drive collars
  • Backing plates
  • Shafts
  • Seals

Certified since 2006

Small Parts Manufacturing has been ISO 9001 certified since 2006. We regularly update and maintain our CNC software to optimize our productivity, as well as to improve our quality controls.

If you’d like to learn more about our machining equipment and capabilities,
contact Small Parts Manufacturing today at (503) 287-1181