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Get the Custom Machining Services Your Project Requires

More than 75 years of Custom Machining Solutions

For more than 75 years, Small Parts Manufacturing has been providing custom machining, including:

  • CNC Turning Services: for prototypes and short-run end-use cylindrical parts or projects
  • CNC Milling Services: for face and shoulder milling, tapping, and drilling of more complex parts
  • Screw Machining Services: for efficient production of precise small-to-medium sized parts
  • Wire EDM Services: for manufacturing hard materials into parts requiring low levels of residual stress

The Benefits of Custom Machining

Our custom machining solutions deliver several distinct benefits:

  • Quality: expertise and equipment validate accuracy and consistency
  • Flexibility: more personal and customizable solutions provide critical flexibility
  • Expertise: decades of proven machining experience have helped us develop unique expertise
  • Efficiency: ISO-certified processes allow us to deliver efficient production and faster turnaround times
  • Low Volumes: lean manufacturing enables us to produce low volume parts

Custom Machining Projects

Small Parts employs CNC Milling, Turning, Screw Machining, and Wire EDM processes to manufacture custom machined parts for a wide range of industries:

  • Pulp & Paper: wear plates, gear units, tanks, roll drives
  • Medical: prosthetics, surgical tools, sterile packaging
  • Racing and Off-Road: gearboxes, fasteners, suspension components
  • Automotive: aesthetic parts, housings, gauges
  • Aerospace: safety components, packboard assemblies, gauges
  • Railroad: signaling systems relays, suspension components, bogies

Material Capabilities

We can work with a wide variety of materials, including:

  • Aluminum: parts machined from aluminum have an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and high thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Stainless Steel: parts machined from these materials are durable and resistant to wear and corrosion
  • Carbon Steel: this material is less expensive than stainless steel without sacrificing strength and durability
  • Titanium: parts machined from these materials are highly machinable, achieving optimum strength with low weight
  • Plastics: parts machined from these materials are strong, elastic, and impact and chemical resistant

Secondary Machining and Finishing Services

As a single-source custom machining resource, we also provide several secondary machining and finishing services, including:

  • Drilling
  • Grinding
  • Milling
  • Roll Threading
  • Broaching
  • Tapping
  • Heat treating
  • Plating
  • Anodizing
  • Powder Coating
  • Polishing
  • Cerakoting

If you’d like to learn more about our machining equipment and capabilities,
contact Small Parts Manufacturing today at (503) 287-1181