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Wire EDM Solutions

Small Parts Manufacturing offers wire EDM services for those parts and projects requiring complex dimensional accuracy. We use it to cut electrically conductive metals and shape them into intricate shapes with remarkable precision. Wire EDM is ideal for:

  • Complex Parts: Detailed machining processes allow for more complicated shapes and patterns.
  • Delicate Materials: Absence of mechanical force produces parts free of distortions and deformities.
  • Small Parts: Accuracy and precision make it ideal for small parts manufacturing.
  • Smooth Finishes: Because the wire never contacts the piece, we can produce extremely fine finishes of 16 Rms with this process.

Wire EDM can be used to perform several machining processes, including:

  • Tooling
  • Micro hole drilling
  • Rotary form cutting
  • Tapered hole drilling
  • Die shaping
  • Broach making

Wire EDM Materials

Small Parts Manufacturing uses wire EDM for hard metals (like pre-hardened steel) and materials that are difficult to machine using traditional technologies and processes. However, it works with a variety of other metals, each offering its unique properties:

  • Brass is soft and easy to machine but does not offer wear resistance.
  • Copper is strong and highly conductive, capable of fine finishes.
  • Tungsten is highly-conductive while providing excellent erosion resistance.
  • Molybdenum is conductive and offers high tensile strength.

Common Wire EDM Applications

While wire EDM is often used to cut tiny, highly detailed parts, its versatility makes it ideal for an extensive range of applications. Because the process is cost-effective, many companies use it for prototypes and low-volume projects. Over the years, we’ve employed our state-of-the-art CNC-operated technology to provide wire EDM services to:

  • Medical Device Companies: couplings, flexures, surgical tools
  • Aerospace Companies: engine, fuel system, and landing-gear components
  • Automotive Companies: dashboard components, housings, aesthetic parts
  • Racing Parts Suppliers: speed sensors, suspension parts, brake calipers
  • Railroad Suppliers: welding shears, gear splines, signaling components

Whatever your unique wire EDM application, we have the equipment and expertise you need. We can handle everything from small precision parts runs to scaled-up production of high-value components.

If you’d like to learn more about our machining equipment and capabilities,
contact Small Parts Manufacturing today at (503) 287-1181