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Get the Durable Precision Machining Services You Need to Finish 1st

Precision CNC Machining for the Racing and Off-Roading Industry

Small Parts Manufacturing manufactures many rugged, custom-machined parts for the racing and off-roading industry, utilizing precision machining services that include:

  • CNC turning services – to deliver tight tolerance parts and components up to 8” round and approximately 60 lbs with tolerances of .001” or less. 
  • CNC milling services – to perform a wide variety of production processes, including drilling, complex milling, and tapping on parts up to 4 feet long and approximately 100 lbs. 
  • Precision Swiss machining services – to produce small parts with diameters up to 1″. 
  • Wire EDM – for small scale, small-batch machining of complex parts. 

We rely on years of precision machining experience to produce reliable racing parts and assemblies proven to perform under intense and critical operating circumstances. This real-life experience has allowed us to build relationships with some of the most respected brands in the industry.

When you partner with Small Parts Manufacturing, you’ll enjoy:

Small Production Runs 

Order parts in quantities as low as 10 in our CNC turning and milling departments.

Design Adherence

Ensure accurate and consistent production that adheres to engineering intent.

Proven Processes

Rely on our proven production processes to ensure the on-time delivery of your quality parts.

Do you struggle with:

  • Part quality
  • Design challenges
  • Timely delivery

At Small Parts Manufacturing, we rely on advanced machining services to deliver rugged, durable machined parts for several racing and off-roading applications. Our dedicated, personal manufacturing solutions provide:

Outstanding Performance

Our advanced manufacturing techniques ensure your racing and off-roading parts perform reliably for years to come.

Design Assistance

We provide knowledgeable design assistance backed by more than seventy years of solid machining history to help you optimize your parts.

Reliable Production

We maintain a large, state-of-the-art machining facility (in fact, our Screw Machine department is one of the largest in the Pacific Northwest) to ensure accurate production schedules.

Customized Racing Part Machining Services

We are a respected machining resource with a reputation for manufacturing excellence across a wide range of racing and off-roading parts, including (but not limited to):

  • Off-road shock components
  • Attachment eyelets
  • Timing pulleys
  • Bearing adjustment tools
  • Steering adapters
  • Yoke spacers
  • Axle components

Our racing and off-roading parts are generally composed of high-strength steels and aluminum alloys, but we work with nearly any metal or plastic materials).

If you’d like to learn more about our machining equipment and capabilities,
contact Small Parts Manufacturing today at (503) 287-1181