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Thread Forming

Small Parts Manufacturing has a Kinefac Kineroller 3 Die Rolling Machine Model MC-6 for precision roll forming of threads, splines, serrations, and other similar features into metal parts. 

Thread Forming Services

Thread rolling is the process of deforming metal stock by rolling it through shaped dies. Unlike other machining processes, this is not a subtractive process and it can result in stronger threads on the parts, more precise dimensions, a clean surface finish, and lower friction throughout the machining.

The benefits of thread forming

Thread forming is used to form unique features into ductile metals and alloys, while still promoting tool lifespan. It has a number of other advantages as well as those mentioned above, such as:

  • Higher production rates 
  • Lower production costs
  • Decreased downtime
  • More durable, long-lasting products

Thread Forming at SPM

Small Parts Manufacturing acquired the Kinefac Kineroller in 2007 to thread roll parts for our screw machining department. If you have small components such as bolts that need to be thread rolled, and require threads, splines, serrations, or other precisely formed features, then contact us.

Machine Specifications

Maximum Radial Die Load (kN)222
Standard Spindle Diameter (mm)38
Standard Die Gap (mm)92
Die Diameter Range (mm)60 – 102
Center Distance Range (mm)48 – 76
Thrufeed Spindle Skew Range (degrees)5
Standard Die Drive (kW)7.5
Maximum Rolled OD (mm)76