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Precision CNC Machined Parts for Industrial Pumps

CNC machining is one of the most versatile manufacturing processes today. It has many benefits that make it vital for various industries. One of those is industrial water disbursement systems. 

Why choose CNC machining to make parts for industrial pumps?

Water disbursement systems, or industrial pumps, must not only be durable, but they also undergo a great deal of physical and environmental stress. Even a tiny defect can throw the entire system off. The parts that make up industrial pumps have to be durable as well and also absolutely precise. 

That’s why CNC machining is so valuable for these systems. Not only can this manufacturing process create long-lasting parts, but it can do so with great precision and consistent accuracy. CNC machining also has several other advantages. It produces less waste overall, is a very efficient production process, and is also very flexible and compatible with various materials. 

What parts are typically produced through CNC machining?

These advantages make CNC machining an excellent choice for manufacturing parts for industrial pumps. And there are several parts for water disbursement systems that are often produced by this process. 

Some of those parts are:

  • Pulleys: connect the pumps to engines or other systems and have to be precisely sized 
  • Bearings: play a critical role by bearing the load of the pump and allowing rotation of the moving parts within in it
  • Housings: ‘house’ the vital parts of the disbursement system
  • Shafts: transmit torque to the impellers or the other displacement elements of the pump
  • Seals: prevent liquid or other material from escaping the shaft 
  • Wear rings: create contact between rotary and stationary parts of the pump, reduce recirculation, and stabilize the pump rotor
  • Backplates: connects the pump to other parts of the machinery, assists in sealing 
  • Impellers: moves liquid along the internal parts of the pump
  • Brackets: mounts for the pumps
  • O-rings: another type of seal connecting the pump to the rest of the machinery that’s built to withstand high pressures

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